Vodafone 5G Special Award 2020

October 9, 2020

Vodafone Digital Award winners revealed

The winners of this yearʼs Vodafone Digital Award, offering a total prize money of HUF 15 million, were announced, with the company awarding health, education, and sustainability projects, as well as initiatives built on 5G.

Out of the nearly 150 entries received, a total of 10 were awarded: eight in one of three categories: Digital Society, Inclusion for All and Planet and Sustainability. In addition, a Vodafone Employee Special Award and a 5G Special Award were also granted, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Special awards

Two special awards were also granted at the gala. The application, which won the Special Employee Award, was selected by Vodafone employees through an internal vote. This year, the 5G Special Award went to OrthoPred Kft.ʼs artificial intelligence and 5G-supported examination system called PORC-O-GO, aimed at the early diagnosis of incorrect movement patterns and abnormal locomotor changes based on video recordings, using real-time data processing and feedback.

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